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Why The Customer Is Still King

March 29, 2017


Going out to eat or ordering in dinner, is usually part of making a weekend special for me and helps differentiate it from the rest of the week. So, when I get subjected to bad service, be that at a restaurant or with a food delivery service that is over an hour late, it can put a bit of a dampener on my evening.

I actually disagree with the motto ‘the customer is always right’. You can sometimes get customers who are just downright rude, argumentative and/or looking not to pay for the service received by kicking up a fuss.

However, as a service provider, it’s imperative that you treat each new and existing customer as if they are ‘King’. For the relationship to last and for trust to be established, you need to do everything in your power to fulfil the level of service expectation that the customer has…it’s why they chose you right?

So, why is it just so important to provide the best possible customer service you can:

  • CHOICE  

No matter how niche you think your business is, there is usually someone else out there who can provide at least a similar product / service. It’s really not too hard to find an alternative supplier these days, #Internet. If building strong customer relationships is part of your business ethos, then this will not be a problem #dehum.


Customers are more willing than ever to leave a review about their experience. Reviews can be seen everywhere, be that on social media sites such as Facebook, search engines like Google or specific review sites including Trustpilot, Tripadvisor and the list goes on. Human nature also means that we may be more likely to share a bad experience than a good one.


Good old fashioned word of mouth still plays a vital part in getting new business. Hearing a recommendation from someone you trust, may just give the customer the confidence needed to try out that service. Likewise, if someone tells you to stay clear, you might just listen to them.


There may be cheaper alternatives available but time and again, customers choose to pay more if they know they are receiving a better quality service /experience. Reputation is key and if you are seen as being trustworthy and loyal, your customer is likely to mirror this.


Disagreements with customers can arise in business no matter how hard you try to avoid them. How these problems are dealt with is key. If the customer knows they can voice a complaint and this will be dealt with fairly and professionally, they will feel happier doing business with you and … will recommend you.

Since joining the dehum team, it’s hard to miss how integral customer service is to everything this company does. It’s not just because they feel they should offer great service, in order to gain and retain business, but because they are actually passionate about building up long-term relationships with customers. Relationships based on mutual trust, respect and by providing a first rate level of expertise and customer service.

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