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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Humidity Control

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical applications have their own unique expectations and high demands. From the simple addition of a DEHUM, pharmaceutical humidity control unit and/or Down Flow Booth to a complete Aseptic temperature and humidity control unit, we have the knowledge and experience to meet this demand.

As food production is affected by humidity and can benefit from humidity control, pharmaceutical production is also dependent on close tolerance humidity control, to ensure constant production rates. At DEHUM, we have designed and installed specialist dehumidification equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

Products and processes generally affected by moisture include:

  • Glove box isolators
  • Down Flow Booths
  • Tablet compression
  • Blister Packing
  • Gelatine Capsule Production and filling
  • Micronised powders
  • Aseptic production
  • Sachet filling

Humidity levels as low as 10%RH are often required for the production of pharmaceuticals. The application of dehumidification in the overall air handling system can create these conditions reliably and efficiently so production rates can be maintained consistently all year round.


Whether the application required is a complete temperature and humidity system, used in conditioning full production suites, or the addition of Aseptic systems for Glove Box isolators, the tolerances required within pharmaceuticals are very tight. The expectation, even with very small volumes of air, will be +/-0.5oC and 3% RH. Our unique knowledge and experience in realizing this ensure that the systems we provide, not only achieve these conditions but maintain them for many years to come.

It is a testament to our engineers and their knowledge of dehumidification, humidification, cooling, and heating as well as filtration that such tight tolerance levels are accomplished in such small volumes of air.

Healthcare facilities including hospitals are at risk from harmful bacteria and viruses developing and spreading. It is crucial that the correct humidity and dew point are achieved and maintained. Our team of specialized engineers understands just why creating the correct atmosphere in this type of environment is so vital and how to achieve this.

Unique applications and high expectations are achieved through knowledge and skill, our design engineers have over 40 years of experience in this field, resulting in many satisfied customers.

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Using our engineering expertise and skill base, we are able to design unique applications, based on calculated psychometrics, to achieve and maintain optimum relative humidity levels (RH%) or accelerating drying. 

We have been behind extensive improvements in productivity across a multitude of industries.

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