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The Importance of Humidity Control in Snack Production

June 17, 2024

We all enjoy snacks, especially the savoury kind. No matter what our favourites are, there is always a high demand for snacks.

This puts huge pressure on the snack production industry. Factories and processing plants need a high yield of quality snacks that keep them ahead of their competitors. To ensure maximum efficiency, and the best ROI, you need dehumidification systems you can rely on.


Controlling Humidity in Snack Production

At multiple stages of the snack production process, uncontrolled humidity can lead to huge problems. This can be as simple as an inferior product, or as bad as a ruined batch that will harm your bottom line.

Humidity control is needed for:

  • Mixing Snacks
  • Baking/Frying Snacks
  • Cooling Snacks
  • Packaging Snacks
  • Storing Snacks

Let’s go over each section of the production line and explain why controlling humidity is so important.


Controlling Humidity when Mixing Snacks

If you aren’t using the best ingredients, you can’t expect the best results. But even the highest quality ingredients need the right conditions.

Flour, sugar, spices, and more can all clump together if the air around them is too humid. They can also become difficult to mix properly if it is too dry. Either scenario leads to inconsistent dough and batter, affecting the texture and flavour of snacks.

Our industrial dehumidifiers give you complete control of the air temperature and humidity surrounding your ingredients, no matter the time of year or conditions inside your factory.

They give you in-depth information at all times and enable you to change and adapt humidity at the push of a button.


Controlling Humidity when Baking Snacks

For snacks such as crisps and popcorn, the texture is just as important as the taste. Nobody likes a soggy or damp snack, no matter how good the flavour may be.

To ensure crispiness, you need to reduce the amount of humidity in the air. The snacks will absorb moisture as they fry or bake, even at high temperatures, so making sure the air is free from excess humidity prevents dampness. Some companies use too much heat to compensate for the humid air, but this ruins flavour, and isn’t always effective.

Our systems work well during the baking process, even at very high temperatures. Their advanced filters ensure only fresh air is circulated, and the humidity is kept at a minimum.


Controlling Humidity when Cooling Snacks

All parts of snack production are vital, but cooling can make or break the final product. Once the snacks have been baked or fried, they need to be cooled efficiently before they can be packaged.

During the cooling process, high humidity can cause condensation on snacks, leading to sogginess and promoting microbial growth. If harmful microbes grow, this can cause mould that can be harmful to consumers.

All food production involves rigorous safety measures to keep people safe. If any of your products aren’t up to code, not only does it lead to multiple wasted batches, but can damage your reputation too. In such a competitive industry, gaining the trust of suppliers and consumers is what gives you an edge over your rivals. The quickest way to ruin your reputation is by producing unsafe snacks.

But there’s an easy solution. Our desiccant dehumidifiers can prevent bacteria build up by reducing the humidity around snacks. They cool just as quickly, causing no delay to your production, but the results are much safer and are higher quality.


Controlling Humidity when Packaging and Storing Snacks

The final stage of the snack production process is packaging. Once the packets are sealed, the snacks are either shipped off straight away, or stored for a while. Before the sealing is complete, it’s vital to ensure no excess moisture gets inside.

When we open a packet of crisps, that burst of air from inside is not accidental. This is dry, filtered air that keeps the snacks fresher for longer. If snacks weren’t packaged this way, their expiry dates would be frustratingly short.

If there is any condensation inside the packet, bacteria are free to grow. A quality dehumidification system removes this moisture, extending its integrity and shelf life. Our system also helps to maintain the required weight and prevent sticking issues in packaging lines.

When it’s time to store your snacks, our dehumidifiers keep the air fresh and clean. This may not be as important as for meat production, but storing your snacks in a humid warehouse will never end well.


What Dehumidifiers are needed for Snack Production?

Humidity Control Systems Specialists

Investing in dehumidification systems is a no-brainer for a factory owner. You see a great ROI almost immediately, as your products are better, last longer, and can be produced in higher yields than ever before.

Equipment such as conveyors and cooling tunnels can experience condensation buildup. When this is the case, they need to be powered down and cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis to prevent damage or excessive wear. With a quality dehumidifier, this downtime is removed, or at least greatly reduced, meaning more production.

At DEHUM, we design, supply, and install advanced humidity control systems tailored for snack manufacturers. We work with you to find the best solutions, and never provide equipment that isn’t perfect for your operation.


Why Choose Dehum for Industrial Dehumidifiers?

Snack production is an industry whose importance can’t be understated. It’s as competitive as any within the food and drink sector, which is why we’re proud to help companies stand out from the crowd.

We’ve worked within the food production sector for over two decades now, providing quality equipment that ensures quality processing, storage, and flavour. We’ve seen firsthand how your industry has changed and have adapted to suit it.

We have been behind some truly exciting and innovative new technologies, which have virtually eliminated many of the issues that uncontrolled humidity can cause.

If you need help with your food or beverage manufacturing process or have any questions about us and what we do, please visit our website or call 01926 882624.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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