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Energy Recovery Systems

Energy Recovery Systems

The dehum energy recovery system is installed with no interference and offers a rapid return on investment in as little as 9 months.

A standard desiccant dehumidifier will use between 1.2 to 1.4kW of energy to remove 1kg of moisture from the air. In a typical existing installation, around 90% of the rated energy input to the machine is for the regeneration heater. Here at dehum we have developed a unique way of reclaiming what was waste energy in the process to achieve a proven result of less than 0.9kW of energy per kg of water removal. These results have provided energy savings of around 35% on currently installed equipment.

Using our bespoke solution, we can recover around 60% of previously wasted energy, which is then used to pre-heat the incoming air stream, reducing the load on the regeneration heater. This leads to direct energy savings. The actual ROI depends on the costs of the energy recovery system and the installation requirements, which are site-specific.

A survey can be requested which will be undertaken and a suitable return on investment calculated for your actual installation.

  • 35% energy savings can be realised
  • ROI in as little as 9 months
  • Installed with no interference on production

Energy recovery case study –


Who is PCS Boards?

PCS Boards is a Wigan-based manufacturer of high-quality insulation materials to meet all requirements for standard and bespoke products for the building trades.

Their manufacturing processes include the need to dehumidify air to a high standard to maintain product quality and consistency.

What Equipment Was Involved

An industrial dehumidifier of the type they use in their process uses electricity to regenerate a rotor in a machine, where moisture is captured and has to be removed. These machines, as supplied by dehum, use around 90% of their rated energy to remove the moisture from the machine and as such can be very energy intensive.

What dehum did for them?

PCS already had an installation and called on dehum to address the running costs of the machine to assist in profitability and efficiency.

The dehumidification process and regeneration of the rotor in these machines result in a hot wet air stream being discharged to the atmosphere. In a well-designed system, this can be up to 700C and contains useful energy for simple recovery.

The application of bespoke energy recovery system can easily recover 70% of the ‘lost energy’ and divert it to the inlet on the machine, leading directly to energy cost savings of 30% or more.

PCS has such a system installed on a large dehum unit and the figures speak for themselves. These are based on measured conditions of 67.5C discharged and a 140C ambient:

  • Potential energy lost to the outside is 29.8kW
  • Unique energy recovery system installed in the wet air ductwork
  • Machine re-commissioned to account for added resistance
  • Previous regeneration heater load 58.9kW
  • Revised regeneration heater load 44.1kW
  • Annual energy savings are calculated at £15,557 at 12p/kWh

Key Benefits

  • High Efficiency
  • No loss of rotor performance
  • Rapid Capital Payback
  • Ongoing annual savings



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