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5 Reasons Why We Can Stand The Heat…But Not Humidity

April 12, 2017

Summer is almost here and the temperature looks set to soar, or so we are promised. Great news for sun worshippers but some of us can suffer in the heat.

But is it high heat causing the discomfort or high humidity levels?

Humidity is something we often hear about in weather reports…and sometimes complain about. “… the air is so close…it really needs to rain”. High humidity can play havoc with your health and your hair.

But what is high humidity? Well, it is a measurement of the amount of water vapour in the air. A relative humidity of 100% means that the air just can’t hold any more water vapour. It is totally saturated, so make sure you have an umbrella to hand.

dehum frequently sees high and/or uncontrolled humidity levels as the cause behind many production process malfunctions. Its damaging capabilities know no-bounds. Here’s a few examples of the detrimental effects this gremlin can be the cause of:


There’s nothing I find more annoying more taking out a slice of bread to see that it has got mould growing on it. This is closely followed by those black spots appearing in the corner of the     shower cubicle or along window sills. High humidity levels can literally make mould grow on anything – leather, wood, cloth, walls/cupboards and perishable items all being particular           favourites. Mould can start growing in a room humidity of just 80%.


Derived from the Latin corrodere, which means “to gnaw to pieces”, this is fundamentally what happens, ouch! The type of corrosion we normally witness tends to involve metal reacting badly with its environment, resulting in the material deteriorating. From drink cans to classic car interiors and aircraft avionics, controlling the humidity and eliminating any risk of corrosion is fundamental.


When warm air comes into contact with a cold surface or colder air, it can no longer hold as much moisture as it did. This is released as water in the air or on the colder surface. Condensation can be a real pain, clouding up windows and glass display cabinets, peeling labels off drink bottles and paper off walls, to name but a few issues. It is often closely followed by its big cousin mould.


Paper is just one of the many materials that is at risk from deterioration and decay. Starting with the development of yellow staining to more detrimental mould spores and fungi, irreplaceable books, photographs, files and records are all at risk of deteriorating, if humidity levels are not controlled. Such important or historic artefacts ate often kept in libraries, museums, churches and other historic buildings. However, it is not just the items insides these buildings that are in danger. Older / historical buildings are also susceptible to deterioration. Unattended roof leaks, rising damp and condensation, all causing unspeakable and costly damage.


Not only is high humidity detrimental to material items but it can also be a worrying health hazard as well. Aside from causing the frizzy hair look and making you feel hotter than it actually is (because your sweat is not being absorbed from the air as quickly), it can have other affects. Mould, mites and mildew all thrive in environments that are high in humidity. It can affect allergies, nasal stuffiness, skin irritations, complicate respiratory diseases to name a few. Whether at home or work, pro-longed exposure to high levels of relative humidity can be incredibly harmful.

It’s not all doom and gloom though! The answer lies in recognising that it is something as simple as uncontrolled humidity levels behind the problem. This is where dehum can help. As an expert in this field, discovering the problem and providing a perfect solution is our raison d’etre.

By ‘de’humidifying and controlling the relative humidity levels, most of the issues discussed above can be totally eliminated.

If you would find out more about how dehum can help your business, please visit our website or call 01926 882624.

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