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EasyJet profit warning

Aviation Industry News Roundup, April 2019

April 9, 2019

It’s no secret that with turbulent political times come turbulent economic times, and for the aviation industry, that’s rarely a recipe for success. Thus ...

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Uk built kits Airbus A320

Aviation Industry News Roundup, January.

January 17, 2019

2019 is here and with it, no shortage of uncertainty about the future of the UK’s sterling aviation industry. It generated over £60bn for ...

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Brexit flight license

Aerospace Industry News Roundup, December 2018.

December 17, 2018

The aerospace industry is, doubtlessly, one of the most important in the world. It enables both businesses and individuals to take to the skies, ...

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future business energy cost saving

The Future of Business Energy Prices

November 20, 2018

Managing ongoing costs is an absolute requirement for the vast majority of businesses operating today. Between supply chain, staffing, stock management and ongoing insurance ...

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AIG want cheaper planes

Aviation Industry News Roundup, March 7th.

March 7, 2018

The UK’s aviation industry is of a truly impressive scale. Generating over £60bn for the national economy in 2016 and supporting close to one ...

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discovery aviation launch

Aviation Industry News Roundup, January 2018

January 16, 2018

Within the UK’s manufacturing sector, there can be no doubting the clout that the aviation sector has. A true cornerstone of the industry and, ...

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Flybe takeover

Aviation Industry News Roundup, November 10th.

November 10, 2017

In the UK, the aviation industry is one of the cornerstones of the entire economy and an area of manufacturing which has witnessed continuous ...

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Aviation Industry News Roundup, August.

August 17, 2017

Here in the UK, the aviation industry is one of the cornerstones of the entire economy, and an area of manufacturing which has long ...

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Using our engineering expertise and skill base, we are able to design unique applications, based on calculated psychometrics, to achieve and maintain optimum relative humidity levels (RH%) or accelerating drying. 

We have been behind extensive improvements in productivity across a multitude of industries.

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