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Mondelez Case Study – Improved Drying

November 27, 2018

Mondelez – Great Results for Confectionery by Improved Drying During Summer

Mondelez is the parent company for Cadburys among other brands. The corporation is a major global food and confectionery company, owning hundreds of subsidiaries across the sector, some dating back to the 1800s.

They called in dehum to fix their soft mint and hot centre cooling line, as their existing equipment was not up to the task in hot summer weather.

The Problem

Hot summer weather meant that the sweets were not being cooled and dried properly in two cooling tunnels and belts in the Work-in-Progress area.  So production had ceased. Obviously, that was a serious matter for the company.

dehum installed temporary equipment so that production of sweets could be continued.

The Challenges

The new machinery was installed with access limited to just a personnel door. The equipment was broken down into a size suitable for this door’s dimensions and built in the plant room. All this achieved while the old system was online. The handover was completed in hours, so no production was lost on site.

The Results – Greater Efficiency and Lower Energy Use

The temporary equipment has been installed for the last five years, and Mondelez has now agreed to a capital investment for the permanent installation. The new installation has now meant the removal of the two obsolete competitor’s units and the installation of just one dehum dryer. The new unit  functions year-round, creating lower conditions than any achieved before, and does this using 33% less energy than the old equipment.

Mark Rhodes, CEO of dehum, says, “It has been great to work with Mondelez and grow our partnership, showing results that were better than anything prior, which resulted in greater efficiency in the production process.”

Ongoing work with Mondelez

dehum have worked with the company for years providing both machinery and after sales support. Previously application budgets only allowed temporary equipment over summer months. This year budgets were released as the equipment has ATEX fans and can demonstrate energy savings to give a return on investments within two years.


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